What is KJK?
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KJK-Kanji-smKJK is an affiliation of martial arts schools based mainly in the upper midwest that are all studying the Dillman Method of Pressure Point fighting under the instruction of Grand Master Chris Thomas. These schools come from a wide background of styles and martial arts experiences that have all discovered and embraced the concepts taught by Dillman into their respective arts. These schools have come to embrace the Dillman method for various reasons, but the most common reason given is that this knowledge (finally) has given real meaning to their art and made their techniques truly effective. 

This is were the KJK and GM Thomas come in. As with any art, coming to a point where the martial artist truly understands the concepts takes time and training. Getting to the point where the martial artist not only understands the concepts well enough to do the techniques but to then also TEACH the techniques takes longer. KJK and GM Thomas serve these schools by helping the instructors to understand the concepts so that they correctly teach the Dillman Method in their own schools. This approach also helps to ensure that when schools become affiliated with Dillman Karate International (DKI) they can provide a level of quality instruction that truly represents what DKI is all about. Instructors at KJK and future DKI schools train monthly with GM Thomas and also attend the annual KJK seminar held every spring in Madison, WI. 

Chris Thomas is one of Grandmaster George A. Dillman’s most senior students (together they have co-authored the definitive books on pressure point fighting).  Thomas has studied, trained and taught since 1970.  Though he is specifically a practitioner of Ryukyu kempo, Isshin-ryu, Kobu-jitsu and Taijiquan, the principles he teaches apply to all martial styles

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Chris Thomas is highly regarded not only as a martial arts expert but also as an expert teacher. Widely known for his thorough instruction, Thomas is recognized as one who does not hold back but provides as much knowledge as possible. However, gaining direct access to Chris Thomas and his teaching has always been difficult, and those who have managed consider themselves fortunate. But now, you can have unprecedented access to one of the martial arts’ truly great teachers by subscribing to Masterclass.

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